Chrome App Development

Chromebooks are taking the education technology market by storm. Schools have some of the toughest and unique IT challenges to solve. Not the least of which is a strong need for a low Total Cost of Ownership for desktop/laptop users. Chromebooks are unmatched in this area. Extremely functional laptops and desktops are available at low cost. The OS (ChromeOS) updates automatically in the background only needing an occasional reboot to load the new version. As a high profile open source project, Chrome, and ChromeOS are extremely secure. Google offers remote management tools making it simple to get consistent deployments. If a ChromeOS laptop/desktop fails, all data is in the cloud. The user simply has to log in on another ChromeOS device to be right back where they left off.

Are you deploying Chromebooks, but your legacy apps aren’t supported?

ChromeOS is the Chrome web browser on top of a minimal Linux system. In general, they cannot run traditional Windows or Mac applications. However, you can run Chrome Applications. These are web applications, but with far more potential. Unlike regular web applications, Chrome Apps can access restricted Chrome APIs allowing access to Bluetooth, NFC, local storage, advanced audio, USB/serial ports, and access to scanners and printers.

Do you need a Chrome App Developer to write an app or driver for a USB device?

We have the development team that can help make your Chromebook deployment successful. Whether it’s for education or business, we have the experience and skills to get the job done.