Staff Augmentation

Need to temporarily staff up for a big project and fill in skill gaps? We can help place on-site, US remote, or near-shore (Mexico) resources on your project for 2 weeks, months, or years.

Staff Augmentation

Has your business out-grown your homegrown application and now you need it scale beyond its current design?  Our team of experienced professionals can help architect, build, and deploy complex applications and workflows.


Need a team to build a complex web application that integrates with multiple enterprise back-end systems?  We can put together a team to efficiently produce a high-quality deliverable.

Service Offerings

JBoss and its open source project WildFly are a core technology offering at Open Source Architect.  Our consulting team has deep experience and can help with app development, migrations, installations, performance tuning, and more.

Whether you’re just using the JBoss Enterprise Application Server, or you’ve using JBoss Web Server, JBoss Data Grid, JBoss Fuse, JBoss A-MQ, JBoss Data Virtualization, or JBoss Process Management (BPM) we’ve got you covered.

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The OpenShift container management platform is spreading across corporate data centers faster than any product we've seen.  Servers moved to virtual machines and now virtual machines are moving to containers.  As with VMs, you still need a solution to manage a large deployment.  OpenShift is the solution for managing large deployments of Kubernetes containers.  We offer a full range of OpenShift consulting services to help with your digital transformation.

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Red Hat Ansible Tower

Automation in the datacenter is key to success.  Ansible is the simple, yet powerful IT automation tool that is reinventing IT as we know it.  Thousands of companies are using it to drive complexity out of their environments and accelerate DevOps initiatives.  

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Jenkins by CloudBees is the #1 continuous integration (CI) tool on the market, with more than 61,000 installations globally. It manages and controls processes throughout the development lifecycle, including build, test, stage, deploy, monitor and much more. An open-source project backed by a huge community, Jenkins offers more than 730 plugins that give access to a wide array of development and build tools.

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There’s no disputing that open source Linux has taken over the server market.  Red Hat Enterprise Linux brings the reliability necessary for today’s corporate datacenter.  If you’re just getting started, we can assist with Fedora, CentOS, or another open source Linux distribution.

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Open Source Architect is a training partner with Red Hat and CloudBees.

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