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At Open Source Group, we believe that before starting a JBoss deployment, it often pays to think about what’s being built and how it can be built. This approach will help realize significant cost savings down the road that can result from poor solution design and architecture. Our consultants define the ideal JBoss solution by using a combination of business requirements (what is needed), project constraints (such as funding, resources & time), and available technology options to architect JBoss solutions that fit a project's needs.  Our JBoss consultants are familiar with both the community supported WildFly product and the commercially supported JBoss Enterprise Application Server.  A JBoss consultant can assist with either or help you migrate from the community version to the commercial version. 

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JBoss Consulting Service Offerings

JBoss Migration Service

With JBoss AS 7.1, Red Hat has released a fully Java EE 6 certified version of JBoss. Whether you are migrating to JBoss AS 7 from a previous version of JBoss or migrating from Weblogic, WebSphere, Glassfish or other application servers, Open Source Group can help mitigate the challenges and risks through our JBoss AS 7 migration services.  OSG has over a decade of experience in application JBoss server migrations. We not only understand JBoss, our expertise extends into proprietary application servers, the Spring Framework, and Java EE technology. We have lead migrations for some of the largest deployments of JBoss in the world for Fortune 500 companies, making us the number 1 choice for migrations.

Migration Analysis

Open Source Group can help analyze existing software and application server architecture to provide various migration options, strategies, and recommendations.  This is an important phase in assessing a migration and providing a migration plan.

Architecture Review and Recommendations

By reviewing the future architecture based on the migration path chosen, Open Source Group can help design the future environment, and deliver a blueprint for the migration.  This blueprint usually contains JBoss 7 options, deployment, architecture and integration options with load balancers, network configurations, hardware configurations, and integration with other technologies and deployment options.

Application Migration

With our vast knowledge and experience in complex JakartaEE (formerly called JavaEE) systems, we can migrate any Java EE application to JBoss AS 7. Open Source Group has successfully migrated Spring, JSF, GWT, web services (Apache Axis, JAX-WS, Apache CXF), Hibernate and other popular frameworks. Our expertise extends beyond JBoss and standard JakartaEE, making us a critical partner in any JBoss AS 7 migration.

JBoss AS 7 Tuning And Application Optimization

Often times during a migration, it is necessary to tune your JBoss AS 7 installation using a holistic approach, tuning all components in the solution with compatible settings. This includes tuning the Load Balancers, Web Servers, Operating System, the JVM and other integrations points. Our JBoss consultants can establish baselines for overall system performance and identify performance bottlenecks to help tune these large, Enterprise systems.

Troubleshooting and Planning

Traditional application migrations don’t typically start planning and discussing troubleshooting until a problem has been discovered. This is usually a very costly approach, which can result in significant downtime. At Open Source Group, we start thinking about troubleshooting long before a problem occurs. By preparing the environment so that troubleshooting can be performed more quickly and effectively if and when problems eventually do occur, we arm Enterprises with the necessary troubleshooting tools and knowledge to be successful with a JBoss deployment, minimizing costly downtime.

Train and Educate the Teams

Open Source Group is a leading training partner for Red Hat, and CloudBees. With such a large emphasis on training and education, our JBoss consultants have the expertise to continuously train and educate your staff during the entire migration process.

JBoss Installation Service

Our experts can set up and install JBoss servers using best practices to get environments up and running quickly.  Regardless if you are deploying to your data-center or the public cloud, we can quickly and correctly complete the job.

JBoss Troubleshooting and Analysis Service

Troubleshooting a typical JBoss environment involves many different components.  Each component has its own level of complexity requiring its own skill set. Therefore troubleshooting a complex JBoss environment requires skills beyond basic JBoss administration knowledge. In a standard installation, firewalls are involved, multiple Web Servers, Load Balancers, Databases and external systems are part of a standard architecture. Open Source Group applies expertise to all the areas mentioned above to troubleshoot and diagnose JBoss problems, which may be the result of a combination of issues. Our JBoss consultants can help!

JBoss Performance Tuning Service

JBoss performance tuning is done for two basic reasons, to reduce application server response times and to reduce resource usage. However, before embarking on the journey to performance tune a JBoss installation, it's important to define the objectives and a plan. The professionals at Open Source Group have the product and platform-specific expertise needed to extract the very best performance out of a given JBoss environment. We also apply various industry best practices and processes to ensure that the environment is tuned and the results are measured properly.

JBoss Performance Tuning Service

JBoss is the number one open source application server for large-scale, Java EE deployments. We understand the most popular JavaEE frameworks such as Spring, JSF, GWT, web services (Apache Axis, JAX-WS, Apache CXF), Hibernate and others.  Open Source Architect employs the best development methodology to fit projects specific needs.  JBoss consulting has been a core service for us since our formation in 2012.

JBoss Load Balancer Integration and Clustering Service

Whether a JBoss solution should provide 99.999% uptime or high availability in a clustered environment, we have both the load balancer, and web server expertise to help implement the solution that best fits the application’s needs. JBoss clustering often requires network and OS level configuration to provide optimal performance and to avoid both network and maintenance issues down the road. Open Source Group recommends these best practices working with network architects and engineers to tailor these recommendations and settings to the needs of the enterprise.

JBoss Version Selection and Environment Sizing Service

With so many versions, patches and releases associated with an open source project, identifying the right version can sometimes be a challenge. That coupled with identifying the best hardware configuration to fit a specific configuration adds to this complexity. By deploying some of the largest JBoss installations in the world, Open Source Group has the experience to help you identify and pick the best strategy for an enterprise.

JBoss Cloud Deployment Services

Open Source Architect has helped companies accelerate their journey to a Platform as a Service (PaaS) architecture with JBoss on AWS, GCP, and Azure. Our experts help companies leverage best practices for planning migrations, develop a PaaS Plan and help transform application development environments. With expertise in the latest IaaS, PaaS and SaaS platforms, our offering is second to none in the industry.

Multi-Tenant Design Services

Almost every new web application is being designed as a multi-tenant application.  This allows for white labeled software-as-a-service (SaaS) and is the foundation for most startups.  Our JBoss consultants have experience in designing and implementing mutli-tenant systems with secure data isolation, massive scaling, and fault tolerance.