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Jenkins QuickStart Service

Our CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise QuickStart service is designed to help your organization seamlessly support growing installations due to ever-increasing teams, projects and jobs with expert help in migrating from community Jenkins.

The Jenkins Enterprise consulting engagement, aided by an Open Source Architect engineer, leverages CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise Reference Architecture to deliver a Jenkins Enterprise installation and plugin migration.

This approach allows organizations to be acquainted with everything they need to know in order to apply best practices with CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise by installing it first, then turning on the Enterprise Plugins that address core challenges typically found in enterprise Jenkins implementations. This is the first step in CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise adoption, providing confidence in your organization’s ability to support larger, enterprise-wide strategies.

Unlock Full Value

A Quickstart is an optimal introduction to CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise designed to asses and accelerate your organization’s transition to CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise from Community OSS Jenkins.

We are proud to be a leader in delivering the product, services and training necessary for reliable, agile, and cost-effective CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise solutions.

An experienced consultant will help you:

  • Highlight the CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise features that differentiate the product from the open source community project and the organization’s current setup.
  • Install, setup, and configure CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, documentation, and reference architecture (up to 2 Masters and 10 Executors for distributed builds)
  • Demonstrate the Jenkins Enterprise Plugins
  • Migrate the existing Community OSS Jenkins plugins to Jenkins Enterprise and ensure plugin compatibility
  • Provide knowledge transfer and complete documentation

Why Is This Important?

For many organizations, software development is moving towards continuity. CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise is for organizations that use Community OSS Jenkins (or Hudson) to improve software quality and are struggling to support increasing number of projects as a result of wider adoption of Continuous Integration practices and/or desire faster resolutions on OSS issues.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise is the Continuous Integration Server based on open source Jenkins that helps Jenkins administrators seamlessly support growing installations due to ever-increasing teams, projects, and jobs while they get continued support on OSS Community Jenkins.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise also provides add-on plugins that focus on typical Jenkins-related growth challenges faced by enterprises. With Jenkins Enterprise, organizations can continue to be agile, deliver better products as they easily support large number of jobs/projects/teams, bring in sophisticated role-based security and optimize utilization of resources in Jenkins while getting rapid resolutions on issues on Jenkins.

The CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise Quickstart provides customers with everything needed to build and manage an enterprise Jenkins environment, consisting of a comprehensive set of integrated plugins, documentation, and reference architectures giving step-by-step instructions, consulting services, and training. Conveniently packaged, easy to implement, easy to use.

Key Requirements

The following technical requirements or systems should be in place prior to the start of the engagement:

  • Valid CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise subscriptions for all Jenkins Masters and Executors
  • 2 servers or virtual machines for Jenkins Masters with shared storage to support HA
  • Servers or virtual machines for Jenkins Executors.
  • Server for HA proxy (if an existing load balancing solution is not used)
  • Network connectivity between the requisite components
  • Full access to all the existing plugins for migration to CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise if chosen

Troubleshooting and Analysis Service

Troubleshooting a typical Jenkins environment involves many different components.  Each component has its own level of complexity requiring its own skill set. Therefore troubleshooting a complex Jenkins environment requires skills beyond basic Jenkins administration knowledge.   Open Source Group applies expertise to all the areas mentioned above to troubleshoot and diagnose Jenkins problems, which may be the result of a combination of issues.

Jenkins Managed Service

As your use of Jenkins expands, so does the complexity of your build machines. Managing a large group of nodes with various configurations and operating systems poses a unique DevOps challenge. There are several solutions and our experts can help you select the solution that is right for your specific needs. From setting up a managed cluster, a private cloud, or using a public cloud provider Open Source Group can help.

Build Automation Service

Have a project that builds in your development toolchain, but requires manual steps or can’t be built from the command line. We are experts in Ant, Maven, Gradle, Make, XCode, Android Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio, Git, Subversion, CVS and many other DevOps tools and environments. We can assist you to achieve your Continuous Integration goals by automating your project’s build process and configuring Jenkins based on your needs.

Build Deployment Service

Continuous Integration through build automation and agile processes can go a long way towards streamlining your development organization, but that is not the end goal. Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery complete your pipeline. We can assist you with tools like Ansible, Chef, Puppet, and AWS Code Deploy to automatically deploy your latest successful build to a production or production-like environment. Further, we can assist with designs and automation to migrate your builds and database changes through test, pre-production, and production systems with the proper quality checks gating the pipeline.