Red Hat Enterprise Linux Consulting Service

Service Offerings

Outsourced Linux Administration

Let our team of experienced Red Hat professionals manage your Linux deployments.  Get back to focusing on your business rather than fighting downtime and failed deployments.  Open Source Group can administer your Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems to free up your employees to focus on building products instead of servers.

Large Scale Linux Deployment Management and Automation

Has your Linux data-center been growing in size and complexity and you miss the simplicity you've left behind? We can help you establish the management and automation tools necessary to take control of your expanding infrastructure.

Windows Server to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Migration

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® offers lower total cost of ownership than Microsoft Windows. Many organizations are achieving actual cost savings across infrastructure, staffing, downtime support, help desk, and productivity by deploying Red Hat Enterprise Linux instead of Windows Server.

*NIX to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Migration Service

Red Hat makes it easy to leave legacy systems behind. The world's leading open source platform not only delivers the features modern enterprise demands, it offers a well-mapped migration path and full support for every step of the transition. ​Open Source Architect has years of experience with multiple varieties of *NIX, including SCO Unix, XENIX, AIX, Solaris, and numerous Linux distributions.   Do you have a data-center filled with legacy systems causing you headaches?  We can help with modernizing your data-center with a minimum of hassle.

Terminal Application Modernization

Do you have a legacy terminal application you need to move to the web?  We have Linux consultants with C programming and modern web experience that can take on the job of modernizing your applications.