Google Maps Development

Google Maps is one of the most widely used applications in the world today. The application helps people navigate, get to their destinations, find distances between two locations, etc. in almost every part of the world. With real-time data about traffic conditions and continuous updates on more than 100 million places around the world, Google Maps has played a significant role in changing the way people use maps to go from one place to the other.

Integration of Google Maps with Commercial Software

Google Maps provides an easy-to-use programming interface for application developers to integrate its functions with their own software. Some of the most popular ways in which programmers have used Google Maps platform include Ride-sharing services, and games such as Pokémon-Go – which is considered to be one of the most famous games of all time – and asset tracking services.

Google Maps’ Javascript Application Programming Interface – API and Android Software Development Kit – SDK can be used to integrate it with other software development platforms.  Using these programming interface tools, web developers can display Google Maps options on their own websites such as zooming in and out of a location, bitmap pictures, street view and the likes.

Software Development in Google Maps

Google Maps’ Developments are based on Object-Oriented Programming concepts using JavaScript as a programming language. To promote its platform in the software community, Google has transformed roads and buildings into objects, which allow developers to make changes such as adding colors and other visual effects to a particular landscape.

Google Maps platform also includes a set of libraries which can be used to enhance user experience. Google Maps libraries are open source, which means software developers can generate their own code and upload it on Google Maps library in the form a ‘class’ to be used by other programmers around the world.

How Programmers Use Google Maps

Since Google Maps provides programmers the opportunity to add value to its platform, many different objects have been added to Google Maps utility including heat maps, customized markers, geometric calculations and many others. A leading name in Google Maps development is the Open Source Group, which has helped develop cost-effective solutions for many businesses using the Google Maps platform.

Google Maps’ secret to success among the general public and software development community lies in its easy to integrate software development platform and open source utility library. With so much development taking place on this software, it is sure to impact a wide range of industries for many years to come.

Google Maps Development Service

If you are looking to embed Google Maps on your website or want to use the application as a basis for your own application, Open Source Group can help. We have the experience, knowledge and the expertise to use Google Maps APIs to help you develop your business, entertainment, or utility applications.