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Preparing for AWS Certification Exams

This week has been busy with new accreditations and certifications.  As a consultant, I get to see the benefit of certifications first hand. Most of the software vendors require instructors to have their certifications as a baseline of knowledge for their products. This includes the ones that Open Source Architect sells and offers classes on: Cloudbees, […]

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RHCE Studying with RHEL 7

This is part of a larger series on earning an RHCE.  For the first article, click here, and for the one immediately previous to this one, click here. I’ve spent the last week thinking about how oddly slow I was at learning commands, not to mention the confusion I had with cutting and pasting.  Thus, […]

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RHCE Test Attempt 1

This is part of a larger series on earning an RHCE.  For the first article, click here, and for the one immediately previous to this one, click here. This week was my first attempt at the RHCE.  I did not succeed; however, in this attempt I realized that there are a few testing points that […]

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This post is part of a larger series, and you can view the previous post here. This week I spent a couple of days dealing with education support.  Red Hat does not do all the proctoring of their exams.  Since I am planning on taking the test in the Twin Cities, it is proctored remotely […]

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The Red Hat Certified Journey

When I started looking at what certificate(s) I wanted to earn, I saw that RedHat has several certificates for all paths in IT.  With my 20+ years of experience as an administrator, I wanted to challenge myself and see what I could do in a year.  I figured that I could easily pass the Red […]

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House of Codes part 2 of 2

This post is the second and final piece in this series.  To read the first, click here. We have seen a lot of movement in the direction of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Development (CD) [CI/CD] in our industry.  It is still making its way into all aspects of software but, in my opinion, will […]

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House of Codes Part 1 of 2

Just like all other standards and laws, forcing IT to come up with standards industry-wide will come when the “cost” is too high to ignore and someone is made a political scapegoat.  Is this scapegoat Equifax? In IT we use frameworks and libraries to streamline reusable work.  It is like the plumbing industry  today.  The […]

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Dear Dave: Curious DevOps Admin Questions: CBJ Team or Enterprise?

Dear Dave, I’m a DevOps Admin for a company that has been using Cloudbees Jenkins.  With the new licensing change, I have lingering questions regarding our previous investment in high-availability, operation-center, and update-center.  To make matters worse, I spilled my instant cappuccino on my keyboard today because I was so distracted by the changes to […]

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