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This Simple Test Could Save Your Company

I didn’t really have much to talk about this week until I was reminded of a recent engagement. Thanks editor! The engagement wasn’t a complicated task. I was simply asked to look over existing infrastructure and development process and then recommend what needed to be adopted and changed to implement Continuous Integration / Deployment. Something […]

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Bitcoin: Blockchain Never Sleeps

As an aside from our examination of ACID vs BASE software design. The recent allegations of insider trader style conflicts-of-interest and market affecting foreknowledge seem to be missing the whole point of the distributed database that is the blockchain. Thus, let’s take a moment to investigate and determine if this is an issue. As an […]

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The Big Cap Theory Part 4

Part 3 of this series is available to read here. After many weeks, we now we finally come to the explanation of the BASE principal. With the growing adoption of Micro Services and Reactive design, the BASE principal resolves many of the problems we discussed earlier. Tt does require a shift in expectation, but let’s […]

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The Big Cap Theory Part 3

Part 2 of this series is available to read here Writing this, having just come out of the Spring One Platform conference, I really want to race ahead and get to explaining the BASE principal and how it facilitates microservices. However, I promised to explain why ACID, while not dead, but much like relational databases, […]

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