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Administrative Design Patterns

Having laid out the headache that administrators face, we should talk about where some of the nightmare is coming from. We have automation tools like Chef, Ansible, and Puppet, but no theory regarding their usage. Developers and architects have codified common solutions to common problems into design patterns. I haven’t really seen this applied to […]

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Preparing for AWS Certification Exams

This week has been busy with new accreditations and certifications.  As a consultant, I get to see the benefit of certifications first hand. Most of the software vendors require instructors to have their certifications as a baseline of knowledge for their products. This includes the ones that Open Source Architect sells and offers classes on: Cloudbees, […]

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Intellectual Property Isn’t a Thing

I’m sure you’ve read about the passed EU copyright measure. There’s plenty of sites telling you it’s a terrible set of laws that will destroy the internet.  There is considerable organized opposition to the measure. I’m not here to retread that well-worn path. I think the whole issue is ridiculous. Such a set of laws […]

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Stablizing the Crypto-Currency Market

You’ve likely noticed the volatility of the crypto-currency market. You’ve also likely heard about the usage of crypto-currency on the black market and the day-trading-like activity in the recent booms and busts. However, I think these are symptoms of the current abstract state of the market. Currencies can be stabilized when they’re linked through market […]

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The King is Dead: Long Live the King

So The Expanse got canceled. And then Jeff Bezos bought it for Amazon Prime Video. Cool. I like The Expanse. It’s a great show, but this situation got me thinking. This is like Shakespeare’s The King’s Men. The King’s Men was a royal theater company of King James I (KJ) (I’m not British, I don’t care). One day […]

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Messaging Workflows: Implementation

This week I posted an implementation of the basic Producer/Consumer workflow described last time. There aren’t many examples of bare messaging anymore. The code you’ll find at the Open Source Group Github shows using JMS with just ActiveMQ. ActiveMQ is generally considered the reference implementation of JMS. We’ll be using ActiveMQ in most of our […]

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Messaging Workflows: Features

This article is part of a larger series.  To view the article published prior to this one, click here. Before we get into the details of messaging and the differences between various protocols and implementations we should cover some basic workflows. However, before we can get into that, we need to examine the basic components […]

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It’s All Messaging

I left the discussion of distributed application design a while ago. We covered some general architectural concepts. The CAP Theorem and how the ACID Principal and the new BASE principal resolve that. However, I didn’t really focus on any of the technologies that would help. I want to take a moment and diverge from our […]

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Installing and Mintaining Python on MacOS

This is part of a larger series on installing and maintaining. To view the previous post, click here. Maintaining Python on MacOS requires some manual work. The Python installation that Apple includes and maintains as part of MacOS isn’t really suitable for development. So if you only care about running Python applications, you probably won’t […]

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