Preparing for AWS Certification Exams

This week has been busy with new accreditations and certifications.  As a consultant, I get to see the benefit of certifications first hand. Most of the software vendors require instructors to have their certifications as a baseline of knowledge for their products. This includes the ones that Open Source Architect sells and offers classes on: Cloudbees, Pivotal, Red Hat, and Amazon. This week, I was studying for my AWS Solution Architect – Associate certificate so that I could begin teaching the Amazon classes.  I took the class from another instructor, and I have been looking through all the materials listed on the Exam Guide. It is an overwhelming number of white papers, websites, and videos to work through.  Even with almost twenty years as a data center/cloud professional, I find trying to keep all the information straight a daunting task.

As I was traveling through the site one more time, I came across the certificate prep page, and when I selected the Solution Architect – Associate, I found a nice concise page to help study.  One of the steps, step four, is to take the exam readiness training. That was one resource that I was not aware of previously.  I decided it was worth attempting. In this class, they teach you how to read the questions and what the questions are really asking (pro tip, they can seem counterintuitive during the exam).  The test isn’t meant to be tricky. It is meant to make sure you know what each of the AWS services offer, and that you should be able to distinguish which service to use in use cases for the customers, clients, or your company.

After taking these two classes, I understood what I would be expected to know. I took that knowledge when I went through the recommended media and managed to pass the exam on the first attempt. Some tech classes out there teach you how to work the software, some classes teach how to pass the exam, but these two taught how to study the material and retain the knowledge to both pass the exam and be able to use the knowledge afterward. I highly recommend these classes, if you’re prepping for AWS certs.


About the Author

With over 18 years of advanced professional work experience in various Information Technology and Storage Platforms, David provides the ability to deliver enterprise solutions to Fortune 500 companies.