RHCE Studying with RHEL 7

This is part of a larger series on earning an RHCE.  For the first article, click here, and for the one immediately previous to this one, click here.

I’ve spent the last week thinking about how oddly slow I was at learning commands, not to mention the confusion I had with cutting and pasting.  Thus, I set up a RHEL 7 workstation to use in full screen to practice copying and pasting.  The first thing that I noticed was that the copy and paste shortcut keys for the terminal and for the browser are different.  While using the browser, the copying key is the “normal” key sequence (Control+C) and the paste is also the “normal” key sequence (Control+V).  However, due to the common use of Control+C to send a break command in terminal, the copying key sequence is changed to Control+Shift+C, and the pasting key sequence is changed to Control+Shift+V.

An issue that I can foresee causing me grief is that because I use a MacBook Laptop, my hand placement and muscle memory is going to be different while practicing, and while taking the test I will be on a completely different keyboard setup.  I am going to get myself a USB keyboard and mouse so that I can make sure that I am practicing my hand placement correctly.  My theory is that if the copying and pasting muscle memory are the same as the test, I will waste less time stumbling over myself.

I am currently working on automating the installation and configuration of my virtual servers.  I figure since I will be re-studying for the RHCE that I might as well pull out all of the stops and make sure anyone using this blog can follow along without a subscription to anything.  This will allow both my audience and the other consultants to quickly come up to speed and be ready to at least practice for the test.  I decided to spin up the environment for RHEL at first and then I will document the differences between the installation of CentOS and RHEL.  I also want to make sure that these virtual machines are running with 7.0 and only update with 7.0 since the test is based on RHEL 7.0 based on the exam page.

At any rate, that will be the topic for a future post.  For now, I have some copying and pasting to do.


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