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This week I spent a couple of days dealing with education support.  Red Hat does not do all the proctoring of their exams.  Since I am planning on taking the test in the Twin Cities, it is proctored remotely using examslocal.com.  I went to the Red Hat training web site and clicked the “contact me” link.  Apparently, contact me is directed to sales.  After being contacted by sales, I let them know it was not allowing me to schedule an appointment on the examslocal.com web site.  Red Hat’s site knew about my exam and would forward me on to examslocal.com, but when I went to schedule the test I received an error message:

“You are not eligible to take this exam. You can only view locations or availability. If you have just Cancelled an exam please wait until you receive the Cancellation Confirmation email and try again. If you would like to check location and time availability, please click “Next” again. To schedule this exam please review your current eligibility status in My Account or contact Innovative Exams Support or your exam sponsor.”

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The sales person at Red Hat was nice enough to give me the training support email address and forward on the conversation that I had had with him.  I am including the support email address in case anyone else runs into a similar issue when scheduling an exam.  After emailing back and forth with the support team and explaining the issue fully to them, they contacted their internal ops team and had the sync between examslocal.com and Red Hat run again.  Apparently, there is some convoluted exchange between Red Hat and examslocal.com.  I would expect that, as a software company that sells a business process automation suite, the process would be a little more automated.  Then again, the manual process may only be for exceptions and not the process that is run all the time.

While going through this and finally getting my exam scheduled for March 14th, I have been going through the last of the video series I discussed in my last blog.  The series includes both a study section and an exam prep section that includes a walkthrough with examples of the type of exercises that would be on the exam.

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