Microsoft IIS to JBoss Migration Service

Many enterprises are still running a fleet of Microsoft IIS servers and with legacy ASP applications. We can assist with modernizing these applications to run on the latest open source web servers with modern responsive, mobile-friendly user interfaces.  Tomcat, JBoss, and Wildfly are the most popular Java Application Servers offering enterprise scalability, the safety of open source software, and the commercial support of Red Hat.

Let us migrate your Microsoft IIS applications to JBoss, Wildfly, or Tomcat.

Enterprise Scalability

Scale up and out with the most advanced cloud-ready solutions.

Open Source Software

Rely on better quality, broadly supported, and lower cost open source software solutions that avoid vendor lock-in.

Commercial Support

Utilize the free open source software or upgrade to the enterprise tested and supported Red Hat versions.

Cloud Deployment

Take advantage of the cost advantages of the linux-based public cloud for deployment.

Modern Responsive Web

Still need Internet Explorer for some apps? Update your applications to work properly in modern browsers.

Data Migration

Migrate your data to a Data Lake for analytics and machine learning to gain better visibility on your business and make better decisions.