Mobile App Development

Open Source Group is a full-service mobile app development company. We build mobile apps for enterprises and small businesses alike. From planning to maintenance, we can provide reliable results under budget and on time.

We are in a mobile era. Users are predominately using mobile devices. Many don’t have a laptop or desktop and therefore rely solely on using their mobile device to connect with your business. Today, the user experience and speed of using mobile applications is far superior than using a mobile-ready website in the browser. If you sell products, have a store, or produce content and your mobile presence is limited to a traditional web page, then you are likely missing opportunities. If you manage field staff or remote employees and you’re not heavily utilizing employee apps, you’re likely losing efficiency. In all cases, you could be at risk of a competitor stealing your customers by utilizing a mobile-first business strategy.

It is often forgotten that mobile apps can be private instead of public. The highest value can often be achieved by building mobile apps for your workforce to facilitate processes, improve communications, and give management the data it needs to make good decisions.

However, not all businesses need a mobile app and many business invest in implementing features that are never used. We can help you define tangible value, or lack thereof, and keep the project focused on increasing business value. This is a significant investment as compared to a company website. You need an experienced partner to help guide you through the myriad of decisions the need to be made.

IoT (Internet of Things) is the next generation of smart devices and this time “smart” means more than a programmable timer. The industrial world is quickly putting every device online to leverage the power of data. Why put an expensive display on an appliance when the user has a far superior screen already in their pocket. We can help you build a mobile app to control your device over Bluetooth, Wifi, or NFC.

A mobile app can add a significant amount of strength to your brand. We’re reaching a point where many customers expect a brand to have a mobile app. If you search for your brand in the App Store what apps are at the top of the list? A competitor? With proper App Store optimization your app can not only get new customers, you can use links back to your website to increase brand authority and SEO.</p>
Let us help you succeed in the mobile era.