Red Hat OpenShift

What is OpenShift?

OpenShift is the leading Kubernetes container platform.  It allows for on-premise or cloud deployment and management of applications packaged as Docker containers.   It builds upon Kubernetes to provide DevOps tools to enable rapid development, deployment, and scaling.  Additionally, OpenShift adds enterprise-grade security enabling more organizations to benefit from Kubernetes and Docker containers.

What is Red Hat OpenShift?

Red Hat OpenShift is a commercial product which is a tested and supported version of the open source project OpenShift Origin.  Red Hat is the leading provider of certified and tested open source software with exceptional product support. Commercial support is necessary in mission-critical enterprise IT where application downtime can imperil your business. Small businesses and startups can utilize the open source product without cost and can later upgrade to Red Hat OpenShift at the business grows.  This is the fundamental benefit of utilizing open source IT solutions.


For individuals or professional projects and hosting.

  • Public Cloud
  • 1-10 Projects
  • Custom Domains
  • Community or Basic Support
Container Platform

For enterprise teams and business-critical applications.

  • Any Infrastructure
  • Customizable, with Full Administrative Control
  • Standard or Premium Support

Red Hat Premium support offers 24x7 web and phone support for severity 1 and 2 issues.

What Does Open Source Architect Offer?

As a Red Hat Business Partner, we are a re-seller of all of Red Hat's products including OpenShift.  In addition, we can offer OpenShift consulting services as well as outsourced development and managed services.  As our client, you will benefit from our years of experience as a Red Hat Business Partner.  Our team helped with the first public deployment of OpenShift.