What is JBoss?

JBoss is a family of Java enterprise middleware and applications by Red Hat.  Each product is based on open source software and fills an important role in modern IT deployments.

Red Hat JBoss

Enterprise Application Server

A fully certified Java EE 7 container that includes everything needed to build, run, manage, and integrate internal and external apps.

Red Hat 

Decision Manager

A comprehensive platform for business rules management, business resource optimization, and complex event processing.

Red Hat JBoss

Web Server

A single solution for large-scale websites and lightweight Java web apps. Includes certified, production-ready versions of Apache Web Server, Apache Tomcat, and common connectors used in between.

Red Hat JBoss

Data Grid

An intelligent, distributed data-caching solution that elastically scales apps by providing fast and reliable access to frequently used data.

Red Hat JBoss

Operations Network

A key component of our middleware's managed solutions, providing a single point of control to deploy, manage, and monitor your middleware products, apps, and services.

Red Hat 


A distributed integration platform that connects your infrastructure and enables integration experts, application developers, and business users to collaborate and independently develop connected solutions.

Red Hat JBoss


A flexible, small-footprint, high-performance messaging platform that delivers information reliably, enabling real-time integration and connecting the Internet of Things (IoT).

Red Hat JBoss

Data Virtualization

An integration platform that unifies data from disparate sources into a single source and exposes the data as a reusable service.

What Does Open Source Group Offer?

As a Red Hat Business Partner, we are a re-seller of all of Red Hat's products including the JBoss and middleware product.  In addition, we can offer JBoss consulting services as well as outsourced development and managed services.  As our client, you will benefit from our years of experience as a Red Hat Business Partner.